Raul Varela


Raul has been a design professional in Dallas, Texas for over 30 years and brings diverse design and business experience to every project he touches. He is also a serial entrepreneur that has helped launch half a dozen successful startups from the ground up in the past 20 years. He is currently cofounder and investor at PICKUP, a contactless, same day delivery service operating over 70 cities nationwide.

Adept in all communications channels from print to digital, his approach is introspective and methodical. Over the years, he has mastered the design and production process, ensuring that deliverables are executed flawlessly and deftly balance strategy with creativity. The result is marketing communication materials that are both intuitive and compelling.


• Granting wishes like a genie
• Crowd pleaser
• History buff


• Bike riding
• Visiting museums
• Training my sidekicks (daughters)


• Mind reading
•Anticipating everything