Digital Media and Technology Solutions

There’s a wealth of technology and opportunity behind the screens. Managing marketing automation, CRM, search algorithms, and speed ratings can be a daunting task for anyone, but it can also make your investments more accountable than ever. Our technology-proficient team can help fill in the gaps and provide clarity and simplicity for the most complex solutions.

Enable Technology Transformation

Technology drives marketing and has become one of the key differentiators for success. Building and integrating marketing and sales technology that solves real-world problems for clients is one of our passions.

Our digital media and technology solutions are an integral component of the value we provide to our clients. Our goal is to help accelerate revenue growth with the potential to reduce operating costs and justify marketing spending.

Technology Provides Accountability

The growth of data associated with virtually every marketing tool or process has increased both complexity and accountability. No more “educated guesses.” Measurement is no longer an end-of-process step, it is a constant.

We’re here to help you find the right solutions—that means learning your business inside and out, identifying requirements, and creating a roadmap that supports your marketing, sales, and operations seamlessly and at scale.

Our Approach

While finding the right marketing technology solution for you is always our objective, the wild card is the knowledge and brilliance of our team. Prescribing and implementing your solution requires thoughtful people who stay ahead of trends, keep themselves informed and anticipate the changes in our tech-driven world.

Sales Funnel Optimization
We help you drive growth by strengthening sales capabilities, leveraging analytics for opportunity identification and decision making, and customizing selling actions for digital platforms.

PPC Budget Planning
We can plan and optimize your annual search budget across the Google and Bing Ad Networks. The PPC budget will include flight dates coordinated around any seasonal issues, event schedules, and search trends.

A gamification strategy encourages software platforms to utilize gaming techniques that motivate user participation. Our gamification strategies can increase user engagement and provide a platform for more interactive relationships with your audience.

Media Management
This component includes development and management fees for campaigns, with easy-to-understand monthly dashboard reporting that breaks down each ad group by Target (Geographic or Audience), Ad Spend, Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Action (CPA).

Amazon Storefronts
We create stores that give sellers the freedom to tell their brand story and merchandise their own products. With custom URLs and page analytics to track the rise in sales, custom-designed brand stores are the most coveted selling space on the Amazon platform.

Full Site Keyword and Content Mapping
This discipline involves competitive and keyword gap analysis, keyword research with targets identified for each page, and existing content mapped back to the new site architecture. Search trends, semantic themes, and interest points are based on content pillars.

Business Intelligence and Analytics
We calibrate the tools available to you so that you gain the knowledge and insights you need to make the right decisions based on the data.

Salesforce, Pardot, and HubSpot Integration
We can integrate the CRM tools you need within your website backend to fix, enhance or optimize your reporting and align with your sales strategy.

Keyword Research
Competitive keyword research and analysis are at the core of any successful SEO campaign. We ensure that your website gains visibility on search engines that matter for your business with the most suitable keywords.

Data Warehouse
A full data warehouse integrates API hooks from all digital channels including your CRM, PPC, display advertising, and analytics into one central location for better insights into user behavior and intent.

Integrated Content Strategy
 We deliver a fully integrated content strategy and editorial calendar coordinated across multiple channels to support your brand and thought leadership.

Integrated KPI Dashboard, Analysis, and Reporting
Keeping stakeholders informed and part of the process is critical for any company. We deliver integrated monthly reporting across channels that are easy to share.

Schema and Knowledge Graph Coding
Schema is coded elements that enable you to render in Google Knowledge Graph and other result sets, to create an additional digital real estate for search, search relevancy, and brand awareness.



On-Demand Reporting
On-demand reporting via Google Data Studio allows us to establish key metrics and a view into demonstrable ROI by channel enabling nimble decision-making that optimizes marketing budgets across platforms.

Technology Solutions Case Study: Ubiquity

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings™ is rated as one of the best 401(k) companies in the U.S. and has helped over 100,000 savers contribute over $2.5 billion towards their retirement since 1999. As one of the first flat-fee-for-service small business plan providers in the nation, Ubiquity delivers peace of mind with zero hidden fees.


Ubiquity asked Agency 50 to assess their email marketing and assist with campaign planning, development, and deployment, including marketing automation, content, and creative writing.

We started with a comprehensive situation analysis, including an assessment of previous results, existing assets, database cleansing, customer personas, and lead scoring.

 Lead Automation - High Bandwidth
Technology Transformation Services  - High Bandwidth


Agency 50 wanted to help the client quickly regain momentum with agreement on a process that their team could manage.

We worked with the Ubiquity team to develop an overall plan, schedule, and detailed workflow within Pardot for each key audience, while mapping and documenting the response process and individual stakeholder responsibilities. Then, we designed and produced new email messaging and multiple landing pages for the launch.


Early in the planning process, the Agency 50 team quickly pivoted to assist the client with a separate, urgent 9-week campaign to alert employers about an approaching annual IRS Safe Harbor contributions deadline to maintain compliance and tax advantages.

Our team created weekly messages with unique subject lines and a “Countdown” theme, generating a 37% open rate in week one, beating the Direct Marketing Association’s House File average of 25%, and staying consistently high throughout, with opt-out rates of less than 1%.

The launch synched up with parallel website development and SEO projects, and the client achieved the well-choreographed integration of multiple moving parts, surpassing its targets for lead generation.