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Reliable backups on multiple platforms

Daily monitoring for accessibility and security threats

Restoration for quick fixes and significant disruptions

Reporting, software updates, and programming support

Eight Reasons Your Site Might Go Down


A Plugin, Theme or Web Browser is Outdated

This can lead to sudden crashes, which can drive customers away and hurt your brand.


A WordPress Security Breach Exposes Your Malware

Unpatched vulnerabilities make your website a target for hackers, which can lead to a data breach.


No Backups Leads to Total Data Loss

No Backups Leads to Total Data Loss


A Browser Update Slows Down Your Legacy Website

Ignoring updates and optimizations can severely slow down your website, leading to user frustration.


Google’s Algorithm Updates Penalize Out-of-Date Websites

Google’s Algorithm Updates Penalize Out-of-Date Websites


An Expired Domain Leads to Website Downtime

This can cause your website to go offline unexpectedly, leading to lost access and missed opportunities.


SSL Certificate Expiration Undermines Trust

This expiration can trigger security warnings, deterring visitors and diminishing trust in your website’s credibility.


Overloaded Server Crashes Your Site

Failing to monitor and upgrade server resources can lead to overloads and crashes, especially during high traffic periods.

What You Get with A50 Website Monitor:

Reliable Backups

Secure, redundant backups on Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and our private off-site storage

Quick Restorations

Rapid website recovery from the latest backup at the push of a button

Scheduled Backups

Daily backups to cloud and off-site locations, ensuring your data’s safety

Comprehensive Updates

Includes WordPress, themes, and plugins updates, with manual processes when necessary

Security Monitoring

Daily checks and immediate alerts for potential security incidents

Regular Reporting

Monthly reports detailing the maintenance activities performed

Uptime Monitoring

Frequent checks to ensure your website is always accessible

Priority Site Restoration

Expedited restoration services in case of significant disruptions

Programming Support

Includes an hour of minor updates monthly, with additional support available at a competitive rate

Enhanced Security with iThemes Security Pro

Advanced security measures for hosting on remote servers

Pricing Plans


$250 per month


24/7 website monitoring


1 hour of basic website edits per month*


Rapid response for site restoration within 1 hour or less.

 *Any unused website editing hours will roll over to the next billing period


$1500 every 6 months


24/7 website monitoring


6 hours of basic website edits upfront per billing period*


Rapid response for site restoration within 1 hour or less.


Sign up today and get one additional month free

 *Any unused website editing hours will roll over to the next billing period


Does my subscription cover the cost of getting my site back up if it gets shut down?

Yes, your fee includes restoring your website if it shuts down. We monitor your website’s performance around the clock, often addressing issues proactively before they become apparent, and we will provide you with a report detailing all activities. In the event that your site does go down, getting it back up and running immediately is part of our service commitment to you.

What are considered ‘basic website edits’ in your plans?

Basic website edits refers to copy edits, image updates, and other simple edits intended to keep your website current.

What is not considered a ‘basic website edit’ in your plans?

This does not include comprehensive website redesigns, custom programming, adding new pages, SEO, or extensive content edits. However, should you require any of these services, we are more than willing to provide an estimate and discuss how we can support your broader website needs.

Do unused website edit hours carry over?

Yes, all unused editing hours roll over to the next period, tracked accurately to ensure transparency and fairness, and your hours never expire.

What if I decide to cancel my service?

You can cancel either pricing plan at any time. If you have signed up for the bi-annual plan, the fees for any unused months will be refunded to you.